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2010-09-27 07:56:21 by PahuPahu

Olga "Asu" Andriyenko, an "I'm kinda famous in Germany!!"-illustrator and manga artist, kitsch blogger and Disney Princess. Being 23 years old she already worked for almost half of her life and did some awesome stuff for big publishing houses, text marker brands, video games and animation films. Visit her portfolio here!

Jan-Erik "Lyc" Andersen, wannabe rockstar and co-founder of (yeah, one of all those gaming networks), had enough of only writing about games. And so he decided to create them! Despite of his lack of logical comprehension he started to mess around with ActionScript 3.0.

Together we like going to rock concerts, playing video games, watching movies and eating tasty stuff. Furthermore we love everything loud, colorful and hilarious, so we decided to combine it in form of flash games. Asu is drawing everything you'll see, while Lyc is swearing about bugs and not understanding ActionScript. Then both start grunting into a cheap headset mic to make game sounds and special effects. Well, yeah... this pretty much sums it up.

We are: